“When Dan Herr negotiated our contracts, not only did he improve our legal position and secure greater insurance protection, he achieved several operational revisions that lowered our costs and adapted our share to our travel needs.”

Dan Herr founded FractionalLaw to serve owners of fractional aircraft. Individuals, businesses, family offices, and publicly-traded companies throughout the United States engage FractionalLaw to minimize their hassles and expenses and to optimize their fractional ownership.

FractionalLaw has clients in all the major programs, including NetJets, Flexjet, Flight Options, and PlaneSense.  FractionalLaw’s clients own shares in aircraft ranging from large-cabin jets like the Global 6000 to turboprops such as the Pilatus PC-12.

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“As a client of Dan Herr and as a retired attorney, I can attest to Dan’s competence as an aviation attorney. He is very capable, bright, articulate, and easy to work with. He pursues his clients’ interest with vigor in a friendly manner. I have no reservation in recommending Dan.”

– Challenger owner

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