“On Your Side”, Business Jet Traveler
BJT interviews Daniel Herr to learn how he helps clients.

“How to Fly on a Private Jet”, Aviation International News TV
Video interview of Daniel Herr starts at the 2:15 mark.

“Insurance Tips for Fractional Owners”, Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association Journal
Daniel Herr’s article on the top-ten insurance issues for fractional owners.

“It’s A New Game – And Perhaps A Tougher One“, Business Jet Traveler
Daniel Herr comments on interchange ratios and on OEM discounts leading to poor aircraft selection.

“Move Up – or Out”, Business Jet Traveler
Daniel Herr comments on fractional programs forcing owners into newer aircraft.

“The Keys to the High Way”, BJT Buyers Guide
Daniel Herr offers advice to prospective purchasers.

“Another Way to Unload Your Fractional Share”, Business Jet Traveler
Daniel Herr comments on the rarely-used option of private transactions.

“The Avantair Failure”, Business & Commercial Aviation
Daniel Herr describes Avantair’s character deficiencies and slide into bankruptcy.

FAA seeks comments on the Nichol’s Rule for travel reimbursement
Daniel Herr comments that the FAA should simplify reimbursement rules.

“Bobbi Brown”, Business Jet Traveler
FractionalLaw’s client, Bobbi Brown, is the feature interview.

“What’s Next for the Fractional Field?”, Aviation International News
Given the high overhead of fractional operations, Daniel Herr comments on the business difficulty of using low-cost aircraft.

“Bizav: The Next 10 Years”, Business Jet Traveler
Daniel Herr predicts that fractionals will remain a premium product for a premium clientele.

“Private Jet Operators Link to Foreign Carriers”, New York Times
Daniel Herr presciently predicts that the link is mostly hype.

FAA Proposes Permanent Restrictions on Access to Washington National Airport (DCA)
Daniel Herr comments that security theater hampers reasonable use of DCA.

Insurance Tips for Fractional and Charter Customers” Business Jet Traveler Buyer’s Guide
Daniel Herr’s article on insurance issues for fractional owners.

“The Flight Department Company Trap”, Business Jet Traveler
Jeff Wieand’s exposé on the perils of putting an airplane or fractional share into a single-purpose LLC.