Purchase Services

  • Analyze fractional ownership, time cards, charter, and whole aircraft ownership
  • Select aircraft: cabin size, speed, range, safety, residual value
  • Coordinate private purchase from an existing owner
  • Optimize ownership size and composition
  • Assess compliance with FAA regulations
  • Analyze and negotiate purchase price
  • Evaluate sales and use taxes
  • Advise on like-kind exchanges
  • Structure ownership for personal use of business aircraft
  • Draft and negotiate contracts

Ownership Services

  • Advise on downgrades and upgrades
  • Manage underflown hours and overflown hours
  • Monitor invoices to confirm adherence to contractual terms
  • Advise on personal use of business aircraft:
  • Identify which personal trips are deductible
  • Identify which personal trips are non-deductible
  • Minimize the annual percentage that is non-deductible by using the three computation methods allowed by the IRS
  • Compute fringe-benefit income to employees
  • Manage disallowed depreciation in order to minimize recapture on sale
  • Calculate SEC disclosure amounts for public companies
  • Draft and negotiate extension contracts

Exit Services

  • Advise on fair market value of the aircraft
  • Engage appraisers if necessary to secure higher FMV
  • Manage underflown hours and overflown hours
  • Adjust tax recapture to reflect amount of disallowed depreciation
  • Structure like-kind exchanges to defer recapture of depreciation
  • Draft repurchase agreements