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“Daniel Herr helped us select the optimal airplane and fractional program to handle our travel needs – and wisely steered us away from a program that later had financial problems.  When Dan negotiated our contracts, not only did he improve our legal position and secure greater insurance protection, he achieved several operational revisions that lowered our costs and adapted our share to our travel needs.

Although we were initially apprehensive about involving an attorney, Dan has an excellent rapport with both the program attorneys and our salesman.  Dan’s counterparts recognize the value he brings to the process.  By weeding out our unreasonable requests and by vetting the program’s concessions, Dan expedited the acquisition process and made it easier for both us and the program.

Over the years since our initial purchase, Dan has assisted us as we adjusted the size of our fractional share and transitioned to a larger aircraft.  One of the best parts of having Dan as a resource is that we have him analyze the “deal-of-the-century” proposals that we routinely receive.  Usually, the proposals are either bad deals or a bad fit.  But, Dan blessed one and used it to negotiate our move to a larger airplane.

I have enjoyed and appreciated working with Dan over the years and have recommended Dan to several friends who have used his services.”

– Large-cabin owner

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“We have had the privilege of working with Daniel Herr for more than a decade.  His services have been extremely helpful in reviewing our annual usage and making sure the service and pricing we receive is consistent with our contracts.  He has also guided us through a number of contract renewals and purchases, and provided a wealth of support and advice.  Finally, he has made recommendations utilizing his vast knowledge of the fractional industry.  Above all, he is a trusted adviser and a pleasure to work with.”

 – Family Office that owns several large-cabin shares

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“We have been associated with Daniel Herr for many years. When it comes to private jet aircraft, Dan is the one person whose advice regarding acquisitions and utilization I have trusted 100%. Dan’s advice has always been excellent – year after year. I have just sent Dan a proposal from NetJets to renew our current contract. I am counting on his guidance!”

 – Longtime owner of multiple NetJets shares and client since 2002

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“Dan Herr advised us from start to finish on our fractional share purchases. Dan has a deep knowledge of the entire industry and a full understanding of the economics of the fractional and charter spaces. He was the lead on our negotiations, and his legal and insurance expertise were invaluable. I am confident we have the best deal possible. Subsequent to our purchases, Dan has helped us by flagging errors on our invoices and on our hourly usage reports. He is truly a one-stop shop for fractional and charter expertise.”

 – Owner of multiple shares

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“Dan Herr has been a remarkable resource in identifying, evaluating, negotiating, and managing our fractional share relationships.  He has ‘leveled’ the playing field.  We finally have the confidence (because of Dan’s assistance) that we are with the right provider at a fair price and are not being taken advantage of.  I have strongly recommended Dan to others.  The combined savings from his negotiation expertise and billing review assistance greatly exceeds his fee.”

 – Owner of mid-cabin and light-cabin shares

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“Daniel Herr has assisted me in my acquisition of at least two fractional shares.  He is knowledgeable in the legal aspects of the fractional ownership business, which in my opinion are complex.  No potential owner should enter into a fractional contract without legal advice.  Daniel is also knowledgeable about the financial terms of fractional ownership, which is also valuable to a potential owner.”

 – Large and Super-mid-cabin share owner

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“As a client of Dan Herr and as a retired attorney, I can attest to Dan’s competence as an aviation attorney. He is very capable, bright, articulate, and easy to work with.  He pursues his clients’ interests with vigor in a friendly manner.  I have no reservations in recommending Dan.”

 – Challenger owner

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“The level of expertise Dan brings to the fractional table is unparalleled.  He is incredibly thorough, and has been relentless in pursuing contract points in his negotiations for our clients.  In addition, Dan is extremely responsive and has been a tremendous help in educating our group on the finer points of complicated contract areas, as well as on the analyses of various contract options.  Dan even dramatically improved our excess insurance coverage while cutting the premium.  We can call Dan with anything and he will always research and respond quickly.  He goes above and beyond expectations.  Dan has been an incredibly valuable asset to us for over seven years!”

 – Family Office with multiple shares in multiple programs


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“Dan Herr has assisted me with four contracts and now also checks my monthly bills. He is experienced, incisive and knows what ‘flies’ in the fractional landscape.  He already has saved me enough to pay his fees through 2040.”

 – Mid-cabin owner